You know the kind of gal who’s life is the very definition of falling through the cracks, but who refuses to quit chasing her dreams

The kind of girl who, when given the ultimate teenage freedom of a life without adult supervision, chose to spend it in the library? The kind of woman who, despite being a single mom, manages to graduate a fancy pants school with almost perfect grades? The kind of millennial who set out to take the world by storm only to find the economy collapsed and the gatekeepers to her chosen industries were often racist af, but instead of sulking, she starts her own company? The kind of smart-ass who decides to spend her time quarantined during a global pandemic to create a platform for herself but uses the intro from her favorite TV show as a format for her introduction? Well, That’s me…

…My name is Quay

Writing ‘Til My Eyes Bleed…

Editorial Brain Fodder

I’ve recently taken over the Celebrity Psychings blog for Psych Central. I know, I know… celebrities, ugh, but I’ve decided to use this platform to enlighten people on bigger issues in society & culture. I even get to flex my neuroscience knowledge every now and then. I’ve also had some op-eds published in a couple other online magazines. Hopefully there’ll be more to come.

I’m Writing a book!

I decided to finally write a book about experiences in foster care/ life as a homeless teenager. Well, a series of books. From rundown shelters, group home riots, to fist fighting sex traffickers, there’s a lot to unravel. I figure, if anything, I can help raise awareness about the insanity kids experience after being “saved” by the foster system. I’ll be posting excerpts in my blog #Driftwood.


I am fine tuning a few pilots & cranking out scripts for a passion project. Also setting things up to produce some short film’s after our country gets past the pesky COVID pandemic. Please wear a mask!

About Me

I was once asked to describe myself back in college. People grow and change, but a decade later I am amazed by how much remained constant. So here is a summery of all things me as told by me back in 2010…

Over Educated

Emory University 2011
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Science Culture & Society
Minor: Film & Media Studies

Umass Amherst 2008
Commonwealth College Honors Scholar

Georgia State University 2005
Major: Psychology
Minor: Media Studies
Minor: Cultural Anthropology


Career Goals
My ultimate goal is to work in TV development either on the network or production side. I was told I don’t have the “right pedigree” for this, but logic & circumstance never stopped me from pushing for the impossible. #Driftwoodstories

Accomplished, Charitable….and Kinda Basic

WIFTA, 2010 Marshall Scholar Nominee, 2010 Nsoro Scholar,Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa, Nu Rho Psi (Neuroscience Honors Society), CoSign (Emory Neuroscience Honors Society), 2008 Commonwealth Scholar UMASS Amherst,  2003  Fulton County “Beat The Odds” Award Winner

Scripted TV Dramas, Irreverent Sitcoms Social Justice, Global Politics, The Plantagenets, The Romanoffs, Pre-colonial American History, Pre-Roman European History, Screenwriting, Indie Films, Neurological basis of Human Behavior & Development, 90s Alternative Music

Volunteer Work
Atlanta Workshop Players, Hands on Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity, Hosea Feed The Hungry, Covenant House, Forgotten Fosters Outreach… I also am known to hand out bottles of water to homeless people on really hot days and buy food, cigarettes, & booze (don’t judge) to veterans who’ve fallen on hard times

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