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Media Production

I’m a firm believer in the power & responsibility that the media has to create social change…it’s my goal to one day become a leader in creating that change – Quay

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QuaranTEEN (2020) Muttborne Productions
My son and I put COVID boredom to good use. Shot on a 10 year old NIKON Coolpix #DontJudgeMe

Co-writer, Cinematography, Set Design, Editing, Bad Acting

Uncensored (2017) Swirl Films

Researcher, Associate Producer

SuperChef (2015) Dir. Rochelle Rose

Line Producer, Extras Casting, Prop & Makeup Assistant, Child Wrangler

GHHS (2009-2011) Emory University

Live Production Coordinator, Talent Booker, Pre-Production logistics

Forgotten Fosters Steed Media Group

Co-Producer (Pre-Production): Story Development, Talent Booker, Casting, Crew Sourcing, Budgets & Fundraising

What’s In a Doctor’s Bag GPTV/PBS

Production Associate, Assistant Editor, Writer

This is not a comprehensive portfolio, but clips from a few projects that I am legally able to share online at this time. Check me out on Staff Me Up for more details on my roles in these and other video production projects.

Pre-Prodution & logistics is kind of my forte.

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