JK Rowling’s TERF War Gets a Kick in the… Science

JK Rowling broke out medical science to defend her controversial stance on trans women…

JK Rowling’s TERF War

JK Rowling has again come under fire for allegedly being transphobic. Today she deleted a tweet praising fellow author, Stephen King after he responded stating trans women are women…

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade: Modern Parenting Done Right

Earlier this year, Dwayne Wayde’s then 12-year-old came out as transgender. Her revelation was met with total support from both Wade and her stepmother, Gabrielle Union

How My Dream Gap Year in Massachusetts Turned Into A Nightmare

Originally Posted June 2016
Reading Louise Linton’s story, I was reminded of my own gap year spent in Amherst, Massachusetts in 2007. I was a naive girl from Atlanta who went there to help some of the world’s smuggest people.