Question for #NeverBiden Progressives… What Are You Hoping to Accomplish?

I am an educated black progressive/independent voter who firmly believes we need more than a two-party system. In principle, I believe in #Blaxit and that no one should be a single party voter because, when candidates don’t have to work for the votes of their constituents, they don’t serve them. 

Like every other “Bernie Bro” I was disgusted in the primaries as the DNC presented Bernie as an obstacle and put candidate after candidate to the forefront, each of whom had atrocious histories with marginalizing BIPOC. I was infuriated at the shenanigans of the DNC which I felt robbed him of the nomination. I was completely prepared not to vote this election, to teach the establishment democrats a lesson…

….and then COVID happened…and then RBG died.

I resolved to begrudgingly vote for Biden. I had no other choice. The mismanagement of the COVID pandemic by Trump and his administration has been nothing short of criminal negligence. The way the republican party has been operating both nationally and locally has been disturbingly Stalin-esqe.

It’s clear other progressives can see the dangerous toxicity in the Republican leadership of this country. They call it out every day on Twitter and Facebook. Yet among the outrage, there are still plenty of so-called progressives (my son calls them edge-lord liberals) who spend more time being Anti-Biden than actually being Anti-Fascism. #NeverBiden.

For these people, I have to ask… what exactly are you hoping to gain out of your grandstanding? More importantly, what are you willing to sacrifice to ‘stick it to the establishment’?

Are you willing to continue ignoring the concentration camps while claiming you support immigrants?

“We need to take the children away, no matter how young” — Jeff Sessions

The issue of Trump’s immigration reform cruelty has far surpassed DACA recipients being deported to countries they know nothing about and where many don’t even speak the language. And while Nazi references are a played-out internet trope, I can only think of one other government in modern history that separated children from their parents as a matter of policy. Plus, the issues of forced hysterectomies, reports of widespread physical & sexual abuse & starvation, and the 1500+ children who simply disappeared under ICE care and now the 545 kids who have been orphaned due to ICE “losing” their parents” …. Well, these aren’t signs of an administration not warranting a Nazi comparison.   

It’s true, Family Separation began long before Trump. George W. Bush was president when I encountered my first victims of Family Separation. Two toddlers whose parents were deported. They were put into a foster home I lived at for a few weeks until a relative was found to send them to. They spoke no English and were terrified of the strangers who couldn’t communicate with them. They cried nearly the entire time. Being a toddler sent to a foster home is traumatic enough, placing them in detention facilities is just inhumane. Are you willing to turn a blind eye to this because Kamala Harris was once a District Attorney?

We didn’t get Bernie…so, fuck these kids right?

Are you willing to deny people access to even basic healthcare because Biden won’t support Medicare for All?

Right now, Trump’s administration has been working for a steadfast repeal of Obama-era protections of preexisting conditions while Donald Trump boasts about saving them. This leaves people with disabilities, Diabetics, Cancer Survivors, and COVID 19 survivors on the chopping block. Beyond preexisting conditions, there is another healthcare issue nobody is talking about but is directly related to protecting the ACA… Hospital closure.

The rate of hospital closures before the ACA was astronomical, and in states that refused to accept Medicaid expansion, the trend continued. There is a simple reason for this. When people are uninsured, they can’t pay their medical bills. If patients can’t pay their medical bills, the hospitals can’t pay their bills which includes paying the staff. When hospitals can’t keep doctors on staff they shut down. In my state of Georgia, there is a medical desert between each of our major cities. Patients have to drive hours to see specialists. This means parents having to take off work and build their schedules around over-night trips to Atlanta so that they can get their children to neurologists, audiologists, and autism specialists.  Gutting the ACA means creating medical deserts in even more communities.

Biden has put forth a plan to protect and expand the Affordable Care Act which, in states that accepted the Medicaid Expansions, has dramatically lowered health insurance costs and prevented hospital closures. Is the solution to Biden refusing to support Medicare for All saying, “well just screw everybody”?

But …But ….Healthcare is a human right derrrrr

Are you willing to sacrifice any progress towards fighting climate change if you don’t get the Green New Deal?

It sounds cliché to say, but our children’s futures are at risk.  Biden has clearly said that he won’t support the Green New Deal, but that he has a plan to combat climate change which he laid out in the town hall, the details of which are on his website.  

It uses the GND as its framework and pushes for the US to achieve 100% clean energy by 2050 with clearly delineated plans on how he plans to achieve this goal.  The response to this among #NeverBiden progressives is ‘that’s not fast enough, scientists say we only have 12 years to combat climate change.’ Okay. Completely understandable. So how would 4 more years of pro-coal, anti-regulation, screw the Paris Accords Trump help that time frame? Either you believe climate change is an imminent issue that needs immediate action, or you think we have time to fart around to stick it to the establishment. Which is it?

Y’all are the Worst Planeteers EVER!

Criminal Justice Reform

I cannot count the number of times during the primaries that I said, “Biden wrote the damn crime bill” to justify why I was so anti-Biden in the primaries and my initial decision to just not vote in the election. I wasn’t wrong. What I was, however, was early. This was before our president called protesters to police brutality bastards and sons of bitches. It was before Donald Trump started laying on the tired old trope of being a “Law and Order” president, dismantling racial sensitivity training, indirectly supporting militia members shooting protesters, and completely denying the issue of racial injustice in the criminal justice system, except when it was convenient to point out that…Biden wrote the Crime Bill.

 I was wowed by Biden’s willingness to admit and address the errors of the Crime Bill without going to the tired scapegoat that African American communities were asking for police intervention due to the rise in gang activities in a lot of places. The bill was flawed. Biden has laid out a plan that would correct this error which includes wealth building, community policing, increasing funding to social service programs, bringing in psychologists and other trained professionals for mental health calls. Maybe if a psychologist was on hand when my grandfather was holding himself at gunpoint begging to speak to his kids, I wouldn’t have watched him get gunned down by police on the news when I was 12.

Granted, not everyone has this close of a connection to the issue, but even if you don’t, how can you claim to be progressive and support the Black Lives and then completely dismiss Biden’s plan because it doesn’t include the words “Defund the Police.” Are you willing to spend another 4 years with the blatant racism and denial of injustice just because you didn’t hear your call words? Words you know DAMN WELL he cant say without losing by a landslide?

If you’re welling to passively let this man win, stop pretending you care about black lives. JUST STOP

Hey fellow progressive BIPOC, are you willing to die to stick it to the establishment?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, our government pulled back containment efforts for coronavirus as soon as the numbers came out that it was Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people with the highest mortality rates. The rates at which BIPOC are dying from this disease can’t be written off as an artifact of the implicit biases against BIPOC in medicine or even our rates of preexisting conditions. This is where people usually will point to the lower incidence rate of COVID in Africa, but studies have already shown there is a link between COVID-19 deaths and Vitamin D deficiency…an issue that wouldn’t be present in black populations in Africa cause our skin was built for that level of sunlight.

We are only 8 months into this pandemic. 225000 Americans are dead.

So as our current president and his administration has committed to heard immunity strategy to the coronavirus, please remember that BIPOC are 2-3 times more likely to die from the disease, and of all the children who have died from COVID 19, 75% of them were Black, Hispanic, or Indigenous. Please ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice your grandparents, parents, children, and quite frankly yourselves to stick it to the establishment democrats? 

His Life Matters
Her Life Mattered

Reality Check

Trump’s mission to dismantle everything Obama ever did while in office led to the US being woefully unprepared for the Coronavirus. We are also now facing a hastily chosen completely unqualified Supreme Court Justice who will tip the scales of justice to dismantle Roe v. Wade. This is on top of the hundreds of conservative appointments that he’s been able to make across the country due to Mitch McConnell’s admitted years of court-packing. 

In 2016, I begrudgingly voted for Hilary Clinton figuring that securing the liberal-leaning Supreme Court judge that was robbed from Barak Obama was more important than my personal grudge against a woman who supported policies that quite frankly made my life and the lives of foster kids I grew up with a living hell. Plus, I am morally opposed to political dynasties in all forms.  I told my progressive friends who were hellbent on writing in Bernie that Ruth Bader Ginsburg wouldn’t live forever.  They ignored me. I was right. She died. Now we’re facing ACB as her replacement.

Well, now I am telling everyone that Clarence Thomas will not live forever. There is still a chance to secure the future of women’s rights and the rights of BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, and healthcare protections for vulnerable populations. So, Progressives, Biden Bros, Leftists, whatever you want to call yourselves. I beg you, don’t throw away your vote in protest.  This is not the election for that.

We have two options for president right now. Come January 2021 either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be president. The question now lays in whether or not you want to go back 60 years in history, or 6.  Forward, sadly, is not likely an option, no matter how badly any of us wish it were. That said at this point in the election, if you are willing to vote 3rd party or stay home or write in Kanye…you’re doing it because you are selfish and don’t care about anything else but getting your way.

Stop acting like petulant children.  We have two choices. Two possible futures for our country. Please, vote accordingly.

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