Sex Trafficking In Foster Care (Part 1)

So I am breaking my ‘post excerpts from chapters’ format to address an issue that’s in the media for all the wrong reasons…child sex trafficking in foster care. This whole government conspiracy #SaveOurKids crap is taking a very real issue and turning it into a topic that people are readily dismissing.

Look, I don’t know if there is some whole ass government conspiracy funneling kids into sex trafficking through the foster system. I don’t want to believe that there is, but stranger things have happened (Iran-Contra Scandal Anyone?). I think if surviving R Kelly and the downfalls of Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Bill Cosby taught society anything it should be that sometimes there is truth in even the most insane conspiracy theory/rumor.

 In the case of QAnon and Pizza Gate, I think the root to it is just the sheer number of parents whose relatively happy children were taken into foster care because their lights or water was turned off or they were heavy-handed in spanking or pissed dirty on a drug test who are trying to justify the broken abused sexually traumatized teenagers that they eventually got back years later.  Or more accurately, the now adults who were taken as kids from their parents and essentially tortured for years before being thrown out to the streets trying to make sense of it all.

I keep seeing stats that 60-80% of kids rescued from sex trafficking rings are foster kids. I highly doubt that the system would allow such statistics to surface given the neat bows they manage to place on every statistic for CPS success stories. But if those are real numbers, there is a reason why and it’s far and beyond some secret society selling kids to the highest bidder.

The only thing I know for sure is that Sex Trafficking in foster care is real. I wasn’t personally sex trafficked, but I came close 2 or 3 times while on the streets. I have friends that weren’t so lucky.  So for this series of posts, I’m going to walk through pieces of stories from my close calls and my friends unfortunate realities. I don’t care who believes me or not or if I end up lumped in with the crazy pants people who think George Soros is using Bill Gates to put microchips into the vaccines so that Trump doesn’t get reelected by lizard people. This is a real issue, and people need to stop ignoring it. #CancelMe

These stories are going to be told without going into too much detail about character descriptions and backstories except for where I have explicit permission to tell the person’s story. The reason for this, to be frankly honest, I haven’t fully mapped out whose stories to swap with whose and how to conceal the identities of everyone involved in a way that would both protect my friends, but not make me look like a liar in the long run. Okay, I am being long-winded again.

First Exposure: Jail Recruitment (age 13)

 As I outlined previously, kids were sent to jail for basically anything. From getting caught having sex at 15 to my experience going to jail for having a bat fly out of my hand while playing baseball. I even had a friend do a few months in YDC for throwing a salad. He threw a salad and went to jail, let that sink in.

RYDC was a recruiting ground for girls getting other girls for their pimps.Most of the girls didn’t say the word pimp. They called them “daddies” and daddies took care of their girls. Their daddies took them on trips, bought them nice clothes, didn’t make them have sex with anyone they didn’t want to sleep with, etc etc.

Given the vast majority of girls (and boys) that I met in foster care had experienced sexual assault by at least one set of foster parents along with a myriad of other system abuses, I could understand the allure of actually getting to have a choice in one’s sexual partners. Especially if that choice was accompanied by a parental figure who would actually take care of you and give you all the things a teenage girl could desire. That said, when I witnessed this recruitment going on, most girls responded to the pitches with “bitch you crazy” so I can’t imagine this got a lot of girls in the game.

Second Exposure: Passed Around (age 16)

I’d heard about girls whose foster dads had raped or molested them. I’d also heard about girls whose foster brothers and uncles etc molested or raped them. As fucked up as that was, the worst of these stories came from a friend of mine.

I was invited to her new house after she got a foster home placement from one of our facility placements. I was living on the streets already and hoping that she could get me a foot in the door with her new parents.  When I got to their house, her mom told me something along the lines of getting her to appreciate everything she had because she was acting like mopie mc mopingstine.

It seemed like she lived in a paradise. She even had her own room with Christmas lights on her walls which was something I always wanted. She was beyond depressed and I hated her for not being happy. She had the dream life for any foster kid, especially teenagers. How could she not be happy? She told me things weren’t what they seemed and left it at that.

The only hint that there was something majorly wrong was her saying she would rather be back at the group home she was in before being placed with this family and how badly she missed her parents and wished she’d gotten deported too. She just sobbed that this wasn’t supposed to be her life.  I thought that she was homesick. The very fact that she was saying she missed a group home to me just meant home sick…and maybe a little crazy. I comforted her by telling her how lucky she was cause group homes suck and that she would one day be reunited with her family.

 A few months later I heard from a mutual friend from a shelter that she’d tried to kill herself and ended up in the hospital. She was the second girl I knew that attempted suicide in a way that could have really killed her. Apparently, her foster dad was selling her to his friends. I don’t know if it was actual selling, but she was being passed around and right under her foster mother’s nose.

He made tapes with her. I don’t know if she foster mom knew. She had to have known. I should have known. I should have asked or at least suspected. I don’t know what happened to my friend. In my head, I tell myself she was eventually lucky enough to get deported to be with her parents. I never understood why the US deports parents but keeps the children who were born in the states. Yea… family separation is not a new thing.  

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8 thoughts on “Sex Trafficking In Foster Care (Part 1)

  1. That poor girl. Is there any way you can try to find her to learn what became of her life. I hope she got out of that bad home and was reunited with her parents.

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  2. Sharing any story can be difficult, yours or someone else’s . You did an excellent job of writing to enlighten the reader to a situation, which can have numbers. But it’ll lack the voices behind the numbers. You gave yourself and these children a voice.

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  3. Quay, what I knew about foster care before reading your blog was pretty bad. Foster care pretty much builds a stable for pimps, sex traffickers and pedophiles . This is horrific and something no child should have to endure. Keep writing your blogs they bring awareness and hopefully will bring change. I’m sorry for what you, your friends and all foster children go through.

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