Analogy is a Valid Argument Structure…Right?

Originally posted July 2016,

Most drugs put out by big pharma help people and are “safe”; but,  pharmaceutical companies can and do put out drugs that kill or severely injure patients even when used correctly. These drugs are not random occurrences in an otherwise working system.

They are, in fact, products of intentional negligence and poor practices carried out by companies who very often will ignore the dangers of a profitable drug, pay researchers to produce favorable findings, and then do whatever they can to silence victims of their corrupt practices. These practices continue under the radar until a string of catastrophic, unignorable events force the negligence and corruption into the public eye…at least momentarily. 

For this momentary blip of time, media outlets scrutinize the pharmaceutical industry with a fine-tooth comb, reporting on every dangerous drug ever manufactured.  The fact that people can be killed or harmed by medications that are supposed to help them is the most important thing ever.  The public demands action, for something to be done for the sake of public safety.  Then a celebrity does something stupid and everyone gets distracted.


With the spotlight now off of them, the drug manufacturer settles whatever class-action lawsuit in silence. They then rake up the costs of other drugs so that the consumer is footing the bill for their wrongdoing. And then, all public concern is swept under the rug, until the next Fen-Phen, Advair, Pradaxa scandal.

While our attention to bad drugs may be fleeting, no one would ever stand up and say it’s wrong to not trust or even fear the pharmaceutical industry.  No one justifies dangerous drugs by saying “but most drugs are safe.” No one excuses the negligence of a corrupt system that puts dangerous drugs on the market by saying “well it’s hard to be a pharmachologist…chemistry is really complicated and research is stressful” and I’ve never heard of anyone responding to the death of someone who fell victim to one of these bad drugs by saying “well if the people who died had taken better care of themselves, they wouldn’t have needed the drug in the first place” ‪#‎justsaying. 

In case you didn’t pick up on it… this is an analogy about police shootings and brutality. #RIP Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Dylan Noble, and every other person to have been manhandled or murdered by law enforcement.  #BlacklivesMatter #StopKillingUS #JusticeForDylanNoble

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