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I’m not the type of person to have a website about myself…..yet here it is.

The concept of a “personal brand” outside of celebs and athletes is just a little too on the self-indulgent for my tastes…but I’m working on some stuff that’s gonna require building an audience so I guess this is me taking the plunge into self-promotion.
Welcome to 2013, I guess?

Big News: My First Guest Spot on a Podcast!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Comfort Cases podcast. Please check it out as we talk about…well a little bit of everything Foster Care related.

Foster Home Abuse, Mental Health System Abuses, Welfare Reform, Family Removal & Targeting of Poor & Minority Communities, Sex Trafficking, Foster Care to Prison Pipelines

We packed a lot into 30 minutes. Please check it out and learn how you can help foster kids by visiting ComfortCases.Org.

Big News: I’m Published!

Pretty Southern

On The Topic Of Equal Opportunity
I was asked by Lauren Patrick of Pretty Southern Magazine to write about my experiences with workplace racism for her audience. What came about instead was a labor of love dedicated to every black girl who dared to chase her dreams only to find heartache. #BlackGirlMagic

Psych Central

JK Rowling’s TERF War Gets A Kick…In The Science
I decided to flex my knowledge of developmental endocrinology on everyone’s ex-favorite children’s book author in hopes of combating her ongoing gender-critical trans-phobic disinformation campaign. #TransLivesMatter

Psych Central

Aaron Paul & Others Show the Limitations In Celebrity Activism
After Gal Gadot’s tone deaf celeb rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine Another team of celebs joined together to make an even more problematic and tone deaf PSA. In this article I discuss the limitations of Celebrity Activism and combating racism through white guilt.

Latest Blogs

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Restraints

Adolescence is an awkward time for everyone. Going through it in fostercare only magnifies the awkwardness 10 fold. Mortifying moments put on full display for all the staff and residents in a group home are commonplace.


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